Industrial gas purification

Any gas processing plant needs a gas purification or gas pre-treatment system. According to the technology used, the gas-purification units can be divided into several types:

  • air pre-treatment system including removing mechanical admixtures, oil vapour and moisture;
  • purification system using sorbent which work at normal temperatures and high preassure with subsequent high-temperature recovery;
  • purification system using sorbent based on pressure swing adsorption principles;
  • fine purification system using zeolite and carbon at cryogenic temperatures.

The experts of NPO Geliymash have designed brand new technologies of built-in fine purification systems for helium at nitrogen and hydrogen levels. These technologies made it possible to cut on the energy consumption by reducing the adsorbents mass, to lessen the pressure from 20 MPa down to 2 MPa and to increase the sorption capacity.

NPO Geliymash designs and produces all types of gas purifying systems, including large-size drying and purifying blocks for helium and natural gas. Depending on the technological cycle and with the purpose of reducing stress on the adsorbers fine purification, the purification cycles can be set gradually.

Purification and drying blocks are used in various fields where there’s a need for pure industrial gas.

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Industrial gas purification 2.JPG

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