JSC NPO Geliymash designs and produces gasifyers with high-pressure cryogenic pumps for gas storage and boil-off, filling the gas cylinders or feeding the consumption line with product pressure up to 40 MPa.

Gasifyers can be an alternative to delivered bottled gas if there’s a regular gas consumption in the industry, repair works as well as in medical and preventive treatment institutions where uninterrupted supply of medical oxygen is needed. Gasifyers save significant sums of money as the costs of gas cylinders delivery are reduced and there is no need to buy an air-separating plant.

A gasifyer with product pressure 40 MPa allows filling-in a fleet of gas cylinders and supplying a number of quite distant objects.

With LNG gasification it is possible to create a local gas network for supplying remote communities and industries with natural gas. The company produces in lots the gasifyer SGU 7KM-U, designed for storage and boil-off liquid nitrogen, oxygen and argon both stationary and in containers, which is convenient for all types of transportation.

The company has started to design a new type of cryogenic gasifyers (type GHK) based on Dewar flask SD with an evaporator made of solid-drawn aluminium pipes with finning. The cryogenic gasifyer (type GHK) is designed for liquid nitrogen, oxygen and argon boil-off and their distribution to the consumer in gaseous state not by using mechanical pumps but by increasing the pressure in the container up to 0.6 MPa. The pressure settings can be sustained automatically with signal generation on the remote control.


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