Energy-efficient technologies

The main purpose of turbo-expanders is removal of the energy of gas flow with simultaneous decreasing its temperature in cryogenic plants. In this case if there is the task to decrease gas pressure by its throttling without decrease of temperature, it is possible to install in gas flow a turbo-expander generator that will produce energy. An example can be low-pressure natural gas driven to the boiler. Before sprayers it is throttled with decreasing pressure that results in losing all potential gas energy.

NPO “Geliymash” works out and produces energy-efficient technologies combining expander and electric generator. In this case the main function of turbo-expander is to produce not cold but electric energy. The capacity of such equipment created by NPO “Geliymash” can vary in the range of hundreds of kWatt and 1 MWatt. Obtained electric energy can be used for needs of the company.

Such equipment is successfully settled in gas-distributing stations, in boiler and other objects where there is need in only decreasing gas pressure, and decreasing gas pressure is not the aim of the technological process. Pressure drop can be some atmospheres.

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