The storage of biomaterials at cryogenic temperatures

The Company works out and produces different capacitive equipment of 4-600 liters for long-term storage and transporting of biomaterials.

Vessels and cryostats are used in research institutes and universities, in biology, in medicine, and in agriculture.

In equipment production it is used such high technology materials as: aluminum alloys, corrosion-resistant steel, low heat-conducting and vacuum-tight composite materials (to produce vessel throats, rakers, brackets and bearings of inner vessels in shroud). During the process of production 100% control of vessel air-tightness is performed using mass-spectrometric method. To isolate inner vessels high-performance vacuum multilayer heat insulation is used with tested technology of mechanize assembly. Deep evacuation on special stands and using effective degasifiers in insulating cavities guarantee minimizing heat leakage, high operating characteristics and reliability.

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