Heat exchange

NPO “Geliymash” has created a new type of spiral heat exchangers which constructively and functionally correspond to a wide variety of demands. At first these heat exchangers were designed for cryogenic plants but the construction of heat exchanger turned out so good, easy to produce and universal that heat exchangers were used practically in all areas of industry.

The Company creates and produces several types of heat exchangers with coaxial pipe winding. Cooper, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, aluminum and nickel are used as materials. The range of working temperatures varies between 1.8K (~ -2710 С) and 970К (~ 7000 С), compactness - from 4 000 to 15 000 m2/m3, mass 5-7 times lower in comparison with traditional constrictions, thermal effectiveness - 98%, pressure to 40,0 МPа, heat load of produced heat exchangers riches 6000 кWatt.

Heat exchangers of NPO “Geliymash” are used not only for the plants produced by the Company but for the plants produced in Russia and countries CIS. The licence of the heat exchanger construction and of the equipment for its production has been sold into Germany. Having 50-year experience of creating heat exchangers, having modern maintenance base and highly skilled workers, NPO “Geliymash” works out, produces and delivers heat exchangers according individual orders.

Applying the heat exchangers of JSC NPO “Geliymash”

Heat exchangers xan be used in different areas of industry under different technological processes.

  • Cooling plants and aggregates;
  • Gas heating and utilizing the heat of gas-turbine equipment;
  • Gas-processing industry;
  • Utilizing the heat of technological processes;
  • Regenerative heat exchange in technological processes;
  • Utilization of waste communal heating;
  • Cooling and heating the oil of technological equipment;
  • The liquefiers of nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, neon and other gases;
  • The evaporators of gasification equipment.

Types of heat exchangers

  • plane-tube with corridor arrangement of pipes;
  • plane-tube with staggered pipes;
  • with the pipe ribbed with wire;
  • with the pipe ribbed with wire with vacuum;
  • with the pipe ribbed with the spiral that is winded with wire;
  • with the pipe with circular or spiral extrusions inverted inside the pipe;
  • with cycloid winding of pipes with little constraint of frontal section.

Special characteristics of the heat exchangers produced by JSC NPO “Geliymash”

  • statistically homogeneous structure of heat exchange surface in tube space;
  • high parameters of heat exchange;
  • high compactness;
  • local arrangement of soldered and welded joints in homogeneous temperature field;
  • self-compensation of temperature stress due to free ends of pipes;
  • possibility of quality control at each stage of apparatus production;
  • repairability;
  • low-wasted, quite ecological production.

NPO “Geliymash” has manufacturing capability to produce heat exchangers with mass to 40 tons.


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