Gas expanding

Turbo-expander is machinery for cold production. Along with compressor it is the main unit of the cryogenic plant. During gas expansion in the guide apparatus and on the impeller blades it gives energy due to executed works that result in decreasing the flow temperature. Energy given by gas in the turbo-expander is partial used by resistance of bearing; the rest part of energy can be used in brake wheel of blowing machine, дожимающий compressor or can be produced in electric generator.

For more than 50 years NPO “Geliymash” has been the leader among domestic producers of cryogenic machinery and has supplied high-performed turbo-expanders and turbo-expander aggregates.

NPO “Geliymash” creates turbo-expanders for liquefiers of methane, hydrogen and helium, for air-separating plants and air-cooling equipment including on magnetic bearings.

Turbo-expanders and turbo-expander aggregates of NPO “Geliymash” are delivered in many factories including Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, Smolensk NPP (Smolensk Nuclear Power Plant), Novokuibishev Oil Processing Plant, Omsk Synthetic Rubber Plant, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (Gatchina), Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy (Moscow), Institute of High Energy Physics (Protvino), Orenburg Helium Plant (OHP) and others.

For the last decade The Company has delivered more than 80 different turbo-expanders including expanders for liquation of hydrogen and helium in the USA and China.

The Company works out and produces turbo-expanders and turbo-expander aggregates, performs service works and maintenance of produced turbo-expanders with spare parts delivery.

The types of produced turbo-expanders

  • Turbo-expanders of low-, middle- and high-pressure for air-separating plants and nitrogen liquefiers;
  • Liquid-vapor turbo-expanders for big air-separating plants of high-pressure, for liquefiers of nitrogen, hydrogen and helium;
  • Turbo-expanders for hydrogen liquefiers;
  • Turbo-expanders for cryogenic helium plants;
  • Turbo-expander aggregates for natural gas;
  • Turbo-expanders generators for energy-efficient technologies.

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