Purification of technological gas

Any plant of gas processing needs the system pf gas purification or gas preparation. The division of purification systems into several types depends on technological process:

  • utilization of PNG with isolating ethane and WSLH, obtaining helium concentrate;
  • the systems of air preparation including purification from mechanical impurities, oil vapor and moisture;
  • the systems of purification from impurities on sorbents under the normal temperature and high pressure followed by its high-temperature regeneration;
  • the systems of purification from impurities on sorbents according to the metod of short-cycling adsorption without heating;
  • the systems of fine gas purification by condensation, on the zeolite and coals under cryogenic temperatures.

The specialists of NPO “Geliymash” have worked out principal new technologies of built-in fine helium purification on nitrogen and hydrogen level. It allowed decreasing energy consumption due to decreasing adsorbent mass, decreasing the pressure of purification system from 20 to 2 MPa and increasing sorptive capacity many times.

NPO “Geliymash” creates and produces all types of gas purification systems including big blocks for drying and purification of helium and natural gas. Purification systems can be used in consecutive order to decrease the load on adsorbers of more fine purification. At the same time it depends on the scheme of technological cycle.

The blocks of purification and drying are used in different areas where there is need in technological gas free of impurities.

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