Gas liquefaction

Due to development of technology the need of getting liquefied gas, its storage, transporting and future using appears.

NPO “Geliymash” has the technologies and equipment for liquation of air, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, natural gas and others.

Treatment and utilization of natural gas:

  • Cryogenic air-separating plants
  • Nitrogen liquefier
  • Hydrogen liquefier
  • Helium liquefier
  • Natural gas liquefier

Nitrogen liquefier

Nitrogen liquefier, as a rule, is a functional part of a system or a plant as a cooling cycle (for example, in helium liquefier or hydrogen liquefier). That is why it is reasonable to use closed cooling cycling. In this case not only the number of equipment and energy consumption decreases but also the load of purification system. The main elements of the system are circulating compressor, turbo-expander and the system of heat exchangers.


Hydrogen liquefier

NPO “Geliymash” created the plants for liquation of hydrogen obtained after conversion of natural gas and electrolysis. At natural gas conversion hydrogen contents admixtures of СН4, СО, СО2, N2 and Н2О. Functioning of the purification system is complicated by following safety requirements. That is why the scheme of liquation is performed with nitrogen– and helium cooling cycles. This scheme is caused by the fact that helium turbo-expanders are checked constructively and technologically and they are more effective in work. Using two outer cooling cycles allowed decreasing the direct hydrogen flow, decreasing its pressure and providing almost 100% of its liquation.

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