Associated petroleum gas (SPG) processing

Utilization of associated petroleum gas

The need of moving from popping of associated petroleum gas (APG) to their utilization is caused by ecological situation and requirements of ecological compa-nies. Utilization of APG is reasonable from economic point of view because associ-ated gas contain significant amount of valuable components and energy, which can be used for communal service needs, production, motor and tractor machinery, and pro-ducing electricity. At the same time it allows refusing expensive imported fuel. Ex-cess of APG with remainders after treatment can be pumped back into the stratum to increase its oil recovery.

The feature of APG is high content of “fat” hydrocarbons that influences on technological characteristics of its processing. Depending on their deposits, associ-ated petroleum gas can differ significantly on their composition and content of many valuable components, such as ethane; wide spread light hydrocarbons (WSLH); he-lium, and other gas.

NPO “Geliymash” offers the ways of APG utilization on basis of complex cooling agents or using expander-cycle.

For example, for the basic plant for processing 2,4 billion nm3 of APG per year our techniques allows obtaining:

  • WSLH – till 2000 thousand tons per year;
  • liquefied natural gas – till 2000 thousand tons per year;
  • helium (liquid and gaseous) – till 4,5 million nm3 per year in gas equivalent (if APG contain helium).

Cryogenic techniques allow using more economical variant for pumping gas fraction into oil stratum (to substitute compressor equipment with pumping one).

Suggested ways of APG cryogenic processing allow

Treatment and utilization of natural gas:

  • refusing expensive projects for transporting products of APG processing if their using is limited in regions;
  • refusing high-pressure compressors with limited exploitation period for APG pumping into the stratum;
  • isolating a valuable component helium from APG and avoiding its irretrievable loss during oil extraction;
  • organizing cycling-process with minimal expenditure of energy;
  • getting additional volumes of commercial products: ethane, propane-butane, WSLH;
  • minimizing mass-dimension characteristics of equipment and plants for gas processing, and decreasing costs for construction-and-assembling operations and transport in hard-to-reach regions of oil extraction;
  • getting additional fuel and energy product (liquefied natural gas) to use it in regions for needs of transport, energy sector and communal services;
  • getting multiplicative effect of using cryogenic technology and reducing the costs of oil extraction.

In projects of processing associated petroleum gas NPO “Geliymash” acts in collaboration with «Gazpromneft», «Rosneft», «Sibur».


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