Natural gas processing

Natural gas, including oil-well gas (then referred to as “gas”), is mixture of a number of carbohydrates, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, rare gas and many other admixtures, including water. The composition of each deposit is unique and requires special technological process regimes both for clarification (purification) and obtaining target components.

At different stages of gas treatment, different gas purification is performed depending on gas composition and the used technology. It can be gas purification from water vapor and condensed moisture; gas sweetening; stripping from heavy hydrocarbons; isolating wide spread light hydrocar-bons (WSLH), ethane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium; and obtaining liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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Gas processing is specified by both economic and ecologic aspects. Methane (cleaned gas) is one of the most ecological types of fuel. The equipment and technology for gas processing are expensive and power-consuming. That is why it’s more profitable to use complex processing that allows decreasing specific costs on the isolated types of target products.

NPO “Geliymash” has all technologies and manufacturing feasibilities to make the main technological equipment for processing and isolating target components, as well as for isolating and liquefying helium.

Treatment and utilization of natural gas:

  • utilization of PNG with isolating ethane and WSLH, obtaining helium concentrate;
  • cleaning and liquefying helium;
  • obtaining LNG.


In Orenburg helium processing factory the plant U420 for obtaining helium concentrate, eth-ane and WSLH, is equipped with three-flow turbo-expander with capacity of 270 000 nm3/h. Basic technological elements, for purification of helium concentrate and for liquefying helium, with ca-pacity of 2000 l/h are completely designed and made by the specialists of NPO “Geliymash”. Nowadays The Association is working on the direction of processing natural gas in collaboration with PSC «GAZPROM».


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