Cryogenic plants

Cryogenic helium liquefying and refrigerating plants

Helium management system

Cryogenic plants for natural gas and SPG processing

Cryogenic plants for producing helium concentrate

Nitrogen liquefiers

Methane liquefiers

Hydrogen liquefiers

Cryogenic air-separation plants

Cryogenic pipelines

Turbine expanders and turbine expander units

For cryogenic plants for helium

For cryogenic air-separating plants and nitrogen liquefiers

For methane liquefiers

For hydrogen liquefiers

Large turbine expander units with magnetic bearings for gas processing plants

Power generating turbine expanders

Spiral tubular heat exchangers

For cryogenic plants

For natural gas heating

For oil cooling

For heating and conditioning

For waste heat recovery

Large size exchangers for gas processing plants

Equipment for liquefied natural gas (LNG) usage

Cryogenic fuel tanks BTK

Cryogenic fuel stations for LNG


Dewar flasks SDS, SDST

Dewar flasks SDP

Dewar flasks SD

Transfilling units

Biosubstances storage ХБ

Cryostats KG

Cryogenic tanks CVT

Cryogenic gasifyers

Stationary cryogenic vessels

Warm gas recievers

Air separating plants based on pressure swing adsorption

Nitrogen adsorption plants AdA

Oxygen adsorption plants AdK

Transportable container adsorption plants TAdK

Gas purification and drying apparatuses and units

Gas purification and drying blocks (the equipment and apparatuses for industrial gas purification based on traditional methods under pressure or on pressure swing adsorption).

Fine purification blocks (the equipment and apparatuses for fine purification of helium and hydrogen at cryogenic temperatures)

Cryosorption pump