The history of our company begins in the 1930-s

The 17th of January 1931 the All-Union Trust of Autogenous Industry (AUAT) was founded. The Trust was charged with planning and regulation of the development of autogenous production in all the USSR industries. AUAT comprised of Moscow oxygen, acetylene and boiler-welding factories and an apparatus workshop.

In 1944 Pyotr Kapitsa, full member of the Soviet Academy of Science initiated the foundation of the All-Union Research Institute of Oxygen Engineering (later called the All-Union Research Institute of Helium Technology) to design and produce air-separating plants.

The scientific production association Geliymash was founded on the basis of the Institute of Oxygen Engineering and the First Moscow State Autogenous Factory. The factory is rightfully considered to be the first industrial centre in the field of cryogenic technology in our country.

Under the direction of the great Soviet scholar and Nobel Prize winner Pyotr Kapitsa Russian experts created the first in the world turbine expander unit for air-separating plants.

The Joint Stock Company NPO Geliymash was founded in 1994 on the basis of Moscow Factory of Helium Engineering and the All-Union Research Institute of Helium Technology. The company was assigned to a task of creating smart cryogenic technology for the defense needs and for space research.

JSC NPO Geliymash is known in many countries as a company which initiated the development of autogenous, oxygen and cryogenic science and technology in Soviet Union and the cryogenic branch in general.

Today NPO Geliymash

Today NPO Geliymash produces cryogenic air-separating plants, Dewar flasks, biosubstances storage, heat exchangers, turbine expanders and turbine expander units, cryogenic helium liquefiers, power generating turbine expanders for energy-saving production, special-purpose products.

Technologies NPO GELIYMASH - Expanding the conversation on environmentalism and working for environmental justice

  • Technologies:
    • Natural gas processing
    • Helium production and liquefaction
    • Associated petroleum gas (SPG) processing
    • Air separation
    • Inert atmosphere creation
    • Gas liquefaction
    • Boil-off
    • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) production
    • LNG appliction
    • Industrial gas purification
    • Gas expansion
    • Heat exchange
    • Liquefied gas storage
    • Cryostatic cooling of objects
    • Biosubstances storage
    • Energy-saving technologies