CRYOGEN-EXPO - 2009 The 8th International Specialized Exhibition

Information Report on the activity at the 8th International Specialized Exhibition "Cryogen-Expo - 2009":

The 8th Specialized International Exhibition "Cryogen-Expo" was held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds (Moscow, Russia) during the 10-12 November with a big success.

The event was traditionally organized by the Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo" in association with industrial leaders such as: International Institute of Refrigeration, International Academy of Refrigeration and Ukrainian Association of Industrial Gases Manufacturers "UA-SIGMA".

Compare to last year, the exhibition has grown by 10%. The area of the exposition located in Pavilion 6, was 1800 sqm. Geography of the exhibition was expanded significantly this year.

There were 78 exponents from Russia, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, France, USA, Norway, China, UK, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belarus, New Zealand, South Korea, Turkey, and Switzerland. More than a half of all exhibitors were international companies. Among them there were such global companies as Linde AG, Kriogenmash, Air Liquid, Chart Ferox A.S., Rare Gases, VRV Group, Geliymash, SIAD, Kislorodmash, Vanzetti Engineering, Hydrogen Technologies, WITT-Gasetechnik, Ural Compressor Plant, Lydall, Cryostar etc.

Traditionally, "Cryogen-Expo" is a ground for meeting and experience exchange for any specialists working in a cryogenic sphere.

The leading Russian and foreign companies presented their latest designs of cryogenic technology, air separation equipment, cryostats, balloons, tanks for transportation liquefied natural gas and other gas equipment, special devices to produce carbon dioxide, technologies for hydrogen transportation, valve systems, cryovacuums, measuring equipment and etc.

The Special Workshop "Industrial Gases" was organized within the frame of the exhibition this year. Visitors were able to receive information about manufacturing, new technologies, the transportation of gases over long distances and methods for liquefying and utilizing gases in industry.

Business Program of the exhibition was in depth. The 6th International Scientifically-Practical Conference "Cryogenic technologies and equipment; prospective and developments" was held on November 11. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee was a Laureate of State Prizes, Government Awards and Gustav Lorentzen International Award, Doctor of Science, Professor, Vice-President of the National Russian Committee for the IIR, Honorary IIR Member, Head of the E-4 Department of the BMSTU Mr. A.M. Arkharov. After each lecture, listeners were asking many questions referring to the basic issues of reports. Audience was able to continue discussions with some lectors at their booths at the fairground.

The Scientifically-Practical International Seminar "Experience of BMSTU for training personnel in the field of cryogenics" was held on November 12 for the first time.

The interest of visitors in the Business Program has increased significantly compared to the last year. The Conference and the Seminar were attended by more than 150 specialists. Scientific reports and lectures were presented on essential themes including ozone technology, the last achievements in gas separation, neon and helium utilization, energy saving technology applications for cryogenic air separation etc.

During 3 days, the exhibition was attended by more than 1000 specialists. The Management of the exhibition has received lots of positive feedback from exponents. Almost all of them showed their interest to participate in next year's exhibition, which will be held on November 9-11 2010 at the Pavilion 5 in the Expocentre Fairgrounds.

All of the information about the preceding event and conditions for participation for the next year you can find on our website: www.cryogen-expo.com.

Participant`s feedback:

  • Anatoli Kogan
Global Product Manager - Cryogenics, "Lydall Performance Materials", USA.

This year was the first time when Lydall exhibited at the Cryogen-Expo and we had a very positive feel about this venue. Despite the global economic crisis the exhibition was a very successful event, which attracted a high number of participants and visitors. As a result we were able to conduct multiple high quality discussions and to evaluate the steps for further cooperation.
We also would like to express our sincere appreciation to the organizing committee for their professionalism and support during the event.

  • Alexey Borodulin,
Region Manager. East Europe Region WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co KG, Germany

The exhibition has left a positive impression due to high attendance of specialists and visitors. 
Every year "Cryogen-expo" expands its area and even now during the global financial crisis, this event stands out against a background because of high interest of visitors.

The only one point, which I would like to advice to the Management of the exhibition, is to encourage the Administration of Expocenter to provide food&drinks service at the Pavilion and light at the toilets.

  • Laurent Reichenshammer
Sales Manager Distribution Pumps, CRYOSTAR SAS, France

CRYOSTAR participates to the CRYOGEN EXPO in Moscow since 2006. 
I noticed the increase of participants and visitors each year and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the economical crisis has not changed this trend.

To me the popularity of this event comes from the fact that it is dedicated to cryogenic industry in a country where innovation has become the priority.

The CRYOGEN EXPO is a great opportunity to do business and to find partners.

  • Alexander Podcherniaev
Sales Manager Distribution Cryogenic Equipment, Cryosystems Inc., Russia

On the whole, the exhibition "Cryogen-Expo 2009" has succeeded.
However, there were some inconveniences:
- there was no food&drinks service at the pavilion;
- there was not enough information about the expo on the territory of "Expocentre Fairgrounds", so it was not clear what exhibition was running at the Pavilion 6.

Despite of these facts, "Cryogen-Expo" gave us a good opportunity to present our new cryogenic and vacuum equipment to new customers. Moreover, we were able to consolidate relations with our old customers and clients.

Also, we would like to mention, that the organizer's support was active and helpful during the exhibition. The exhibitors were provided with all necessarily information. Solving all problems was timely.
We look forward to participate in "Cryogen-Expo 2010" next year.

  • Oksana Slesareva,
Marketing Management, Grasys CJSC, Russia

Our participation in the exhibition "Cryogen-Expo 2009" was very effective. We have made lots of useful business contacts with new clients and customers. Also we were able to consolidate the relation with companies, which we have already kept in touch. Furthermore, we have conducted prospective negotiations with potential partners and suppliers.

We are grateful to the Management of the exhibition and Administration of the Pavilion 6 for high level of organization of the event. It should be mentioned that all support and assistance during the exhibition was provided in time.

Conference Program:

  • Engineering Cryology. Prospects of Development / A. M. Arkharov, Dr. of Science, professor - Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia.
  • Optimization of design and operational factors of adsorbing apparatuses used in Neon and Helium manufacturing / V.L. Bondarenko 1, Yu.M. Simonenko 2- 1Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia; 2Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration, Odessa, Ukraine.
  • New generation of Reflux Condensers for condensation enrichment of a Neon-Helium mixture / 1V.L. Bondarenko, T.V. Diachenko 2 - 1 Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia, 2Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration, Odessa, Ukraine.
  • Cryogenic technologies used in medicine and sport. / A.V. Butorina, A. M. Arkharov, V. A. Matveev, B. A. Polyaev, E. P. Rubanenko - Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia; Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia.
  • Development of Structure of the Plants for Multicomponent Mixtures Separation / A. Arkharov(b), M.Savinov(a), V. Poznyak (a), M.Kolpakov(a) ((a) Chromium Ltd., Ivankovo village, Vladimir Region, Russia, (b)Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia).
  • Surface properties and superheating of cryogenic liquids / Baidakov V.G., Kaverin A.M., Andbaeva V.N., Institute of Thermal Physics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ekaterinburg, Russia.
  • UKB-LS bursting discs for cryogenic technology / Nickel Serge - REMBE GMBH SAFETY + CONTROL, Brilon, Germany.
  • Application of the energy-efficient technologies for cryogenic air separation / EXA International 
New Technologies of Industria Gases Producing and Use / Experience of the Open Society "NPO "GELIYMASH" on development and introduction of the cryogenic technologies in the sphere of processing and use of natural gas. 
  • V. N. Udut - Candidate of Chemistry, the General director of JSC "NPO " Geliymash", Moscow, Russia.
  • Latest developments in the field of gas separation / Bulavinov S. L., Deputy Director General - ZAO GRASYS, Moscow, Russia.
  • Microbulk® system / Elzbieta Zeidler - Chart Ferox, a.s., Decin, Czech Rep.
Perfection of equipment for using carbon dioxide in modern technologies / S. Alimov, chief engineer - AvtoGazTrans, Samara, Russia.
  • Explosion-fire safety of the system of ozone-oxygen mixture - rubber crumb, forming in the process of worn-out auto-tyre casings / Smorodin A.I., Rozovsky A.S., Domashenko A.M., Tarabakin D.A. - Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia.
  • Development of high efficient nanostructured thermoelectric materials for solid state cooling devices / S.B. Nesterov, V.A. Romanko, A.I. Holopkin - Vekshinski State Research Institute of Vacuum Technology, Moscow, Russia
  • Advantages in application cryogenic cylinders HanBee for storage and transportation LNG and air separated products.  
E. B. Slobodov, Candidate of Chemistry - Monitoring Ventil & Fitting, Moscow, Russia.
  • Dutechnology of use liquid nitrogen for quick freezing of food products and oil dangerous with a view disposal / Venger K.P.1 Feskov O.A.1 Shirshov V.E.2 - Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology (MSAAB)1  
CAU ESA (Ecology, Space, Aviation)2, Russia, Moscow
  • Perspectives on application of flexible elechtrochrome panels in housing and communal services facilities and vechicles. 
A.L. Gusev*, T.N. Kondyrina*, V.V. Kursheva*, I.A. Pishchurova*, O.N. Efimov**, S.A. Kondrashov**, A.V. Vannikov*** - *Scientific Technical Centre "TATA", Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia; **Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics RAS.
  • Liquefied natural gas as petrol / S. P. Gorbachev, V. V. Semenyuga - Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC, Razvilka, Leninsky Rayon, 
Moskovskaya oblast, Russia

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